With the big help of Diana, a parent from my daughter's school - a CD of Music With Sara has been put together. It's a first of it's kind- has 16 tracks, and is under 20 minutes! It took me and Albe about 3 hours to run through some music, then an hour of recording with a bunch of jumpy kids - and A LOT of Diana's hard work and beautiful flute playing. So, for the first time - enjoy a track! If you are interested in buying a CD email me and stay tuned for links to iTunes and CdBaby.

13 Mama te Quiero Mucho by Music With Sara

02 Tingalayo by Music With Sara


  1. I love this song "Mama te Quiero Mucho" It makes me weepy and happy every time. Juliana sang this for me on Mother's Day. Thank you Sara for working with our children and making "beuatiful things happen"!!xoxoxo

  2. Went to The Casa Adobe de San Rafael today and my daughter had a fun time. We especially liked the music and the lovely luminarias later in the evening. Bought your cd and love it! Your voice is so beautiful and the songs are so warm. Now we have to learn the words!! This is our first childrens' cd in Spanish. We own many in Armenian and this is a great addition to our collection. Gracias y buena suerte!

  3. I LOVE YOUR SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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