Best Music for Kids on iTunes ..... What do you think?

Although I NEVER ever thought I'd be a musician, much less a Children's Musician I know it's something I've been called to do. Reason being: Parents can't stand my CD's! It's not that they don't enjoy the music but after hearing my CD's over and over and over they have had enough! This is the best incentive for me to keep putting out new music. So finally, after 2 long years with my amazing little now almost 3 year old, I'm happy to say a new album is in the works. For now, I'm gonna have to say I've got some of the best music for kids on the internet! So check it out, enjoy, and tell your friends about Music With Sara!! Let me know what you want me to write a song about, and I'll do it!!

And for now - check me out on itunes but also check out one of my ALL TIME favorite kid's musicians  - Ella Jenkins!


Were you looking for a bilingual father's day song? Well look no further!! 

Mother's Day Music and a Kidspace Concert!

Friends! Amigos!

Next week begins such a special time! Many of us will be preparing for Mother's day! Every year I always want to take the time to thank the women in our lives who are not mothers. Many of us have women who helped raise us, care for us, or guide us in one way or another throughout our lives, so today, lets remember those ladies who at time care for us more than many mothers actually can.

And just a reminder! Join me THIS COMING TUESDAY MAY 6th at 6:30 pm for the FREE FAMILY NIGHT at Kidspace Museum in Pasadena! Hope to see you all there!!