Sheet Music Available for Mamá te quiero mucho! Download today!

Thanks to my friend Brett, I now have my first piece of sheet music available for download.
The price for the download is $1, and click the image to purchase!
This PDF includes the lyrics, chords, and melody of the original song "Mamá te quiero mucho".

I know I've been a songwriter for a long time, but this really feels official!

eBook COMING MAY 2015 !!!

Mamá te quiero mucho the eBook is coming MAY 2015! Raquel Martinez and I will also be printing some limited edition paperback copies available via !  I can't wait for you to see the amazing eBook coming soon!!

Mujeres Maravillosas

As many of you know, I'm first and foremost an educator. I work in 3 different schools, and teach music to hundreds children ages 0-11 on a weekly basis. I'm surrounded by moms and friends doing amazing work that encourages me to keep going! I wanted to share the work of a few of my friends who are amazing artists and women who have collaborated with me in one way or another!

First meet Raquel Martinez of Raquel Martinez designs. She directed the artwork for my first ever video "Mamá te quiero mucho". I'm also happy to announce our collaboration on my first e-book - set to be released this year illustrated by Raquel. She creates work for her etsy page, but if you are looking for someone to make a custom family animation for next year's Christmas card - look no further. She created the artwork for this site banner and is phenomenal. Raquel is originally from El Salvador, and I love how she has shared her experiences with me and wants to be a part of artwork that promotes bilingualism and culture through art! Thanks Rock!!

The super mom and Latina blogger extraordinaire is Ana Flores who helped me in a HUGE way get my music career off the ground. Ana's daughter was my student as a toddler and one of the first children to hear many of my songs in Spanish. Her daughter is one of my biggest fans and I was lucky enough to continue as her music teacher until she was in the 1st grade. Ana has built a bilingual empire that has exploded with so many Latina Bloggers, writers, and artists. She wrote the amazing book
"Bilingual is Better" and just recently spearheaded the "We All Grow" summit which in itself was probably like making it to the top of Mount Everest! I'm shouting out to Ana as a big thank you for making "Music With Sara" what it is today. Click HERE to see a song I wrote just for Spanglishbaby. 
Another extremely special mom and artist is Kristine Munda - who along with her amazingly talented and funny husband Emmanuel created a series of holiday videos for Music With Sara.
 Kristine is a mommy extraordinaire who has been fighting scleroderma. Her fight against the disease has really inspired me in so many ways. She always has a bright smile on her face despite her personal health struggles. Kristine's love for her family and art should be an inspiration to moms and women world wide. Thank you Kristine. Please check out her amazing custom artwork on Etsy that your kids will LOVE!!! 

The one mom who really started it all for me was Diana Extein. If it weren't for Diana I would have never put a cd out, or figured out what to do with my musical talents! She recorded my first CD (and 2nd) and I'm super happy to announce that she is opening a music school for kids in Glendale right by our school and home! Her campaign just started and I'm so proud to announce her indigogo project to bring scholarships to kids in the Glendale area for music lessons! 

Diana has taught music with me and is a talented musician herself. It's totally in the family and I can't say enough about this crazy, hardworking mom!! Please support her cause and if you are interested in group ukulele classes, music production classes, or anything music related - be sure to look up Media City Music School in Glendale. Thanks D!! 

My last shout out to a fellow teacher - who not only teaches little ones but teachers too, is a total pro. When I first met her, I knew we'd be friends. I honestly think she takes the cake with the pura locura! She and I thrive on locura. She's the owner and CEO of My Escuelita which was built on a beautiful idea with friends and turned into a school for children and parents to learn spanish in the funnest way possible. I LOVE that she is living her dream. I LOVE that she is having fun with her children in the process. Irma - thank you for your love, support, and making little Music With Sara fans. Te quiero! 

These incredible women and more have helped me along the way and I owe a lot to them! I'm also so happy to celebrate these women who are using their talents to bring beautiful things to this world. Thank you ladies!!